Finding Meaning for Your Brand

As I embarked on the adventure that is small business ownership, I thought long and hard about where I’ve been and how I’ve become who I am. After all, making a brand with meaning… means something. To start, I considered some things that are important to me and that might be important to my clients. For example, Family, Happiness, and Art.

I combined these few things to develop a message, a rough idea of a brand identity. Sure, my last name is Crane, which also happens to be a pretty awesome looking bird, and I studied and worked in artsy fields for years, so “Creative” felt right, but I wanted a little more to make Creative Crane mine.


I kept coming back to a stamp my grandparents used to sign off on letters, emails, even notes in their books. It was a simple drawing that they had made into a rubber stamp (and later a jpeg), but something about it looking skyward felt hopeful and made me smile at the memory. With a little tweaking, my logo was ready for take-off. I threw in a medium cheesy tagline (because that’s me too), “Helping Your Ideas Take Flight”, and Creative Crane, LLC had it’s identity.


This is how I approach branding. I want to get to know the people, the motivation behind a business to create something meaningful for the company and its customers. It is important that your brand messaging and identity fit you, as well as what you do. With Crane Creative, LLC, I help small businesses build the tools to reach new heights with creative solutions. What do you do?

Contact Creative Crane, LLC today for a free consult and estimate.


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