Creative Crane, LLC is your source for creative solutions to common small business struggles. Discover the power of full service brand development through cohesive content messaging, professional brand graphics & logo design, sourcing/QA support, smart sales tools and more. Let us help your ideas take flight!

After spending over 15 years in Sales, Product Development, Marketing, & Design for a variety of small businesses and entrepreneurs, owner Marie Crane decided to take the leap and open Creative Crane, LLC in 2017. Using her extensive industry experience and creative talents she strives to help small businesses develop brands and materials that reflect their values, interests, and strengths. With these tools, even small companies can look (and become) larger by promoting sales online, on TV, and in retail stores.

Marie Crane: Owner, branding & design expert, marketing lead, client liaison.

Marie has spent years working with some of TV Shopping’s biggest brands around the world on networks like HSN, TSC, QVC: UK/Germany/Italy, E-vine, and has been a part of launching successful infomercials internationally (one made $72 million in a single year). In addition, she has experience working with many online retailers, and can advise strategy, suggest timelines, and provide general knowledge to streamline launches on Amazon, Zulily, Overstock, and more. So many amazing companies miss out on opportunities simply because they do not have the time to figure out how to get started, or do not have staff to create the content/imaging/packaging required to pursue these types of businesses. Creative Crane, LLC is here to help!

In addition to offering creative solutions through design and branding, Creative Crane, LLC is thrilled to announce its new representative office in Taipei, Taiwan, headed by Isaac Adams, which will handle sourcing, QA, factory inspections, translation, in person negotiation and more. Our office works directly with manufacturers in China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong to ensure your goods are on spec and on time. If you are outgrowing domestic production, looking for a factory to handle a new product or line, or simply looking to avoid QA chargebacks and get better pricing/MOQ… Creative Crane, LLC is the solution you’ve been looking for.

Isaac: Creative Crane, LLC representative in Taiwan, China, & Hong Kong
Isaac Adams: Sourcing representative, and factory liaison based in Taipei, Taiwan.

We have established relationships with many factories already and have the capability to find, monitor, and build relationships with specialized factories across the region. Isaac is an American citizen, but is a native speaker in Taiwan and China. He is incredibly assertive and has years of experience dealing directly with factories throughout the production and inspection process. His hands-on approach has already saved customers millions. By catching QA issues (labeling, materials/quality, or packaging) he can address problems at the factory level, saving you time, money, and worry. Cut travel expenses, eliminate costly chargebacks or stateside reworks, and never lose your vision in translation again.

What can Creative Crane, LLC do for you?

You name it! We have hands on experience with almost every step of development and marketing from concept to consumer. Tell us about you, and what you do…we’ll do the rest! Whether your needs are small, like image retouching, or large, like web design or product sourcing, Crane Creative, LLC understands the needs of a small business, and delivers high quality service and professional design to fit your vision, and budget.

Build for Success!

At Creative Crane, LLC we focus on creating things that will last. Whether you are building a fashion brand from the ground up, expanding your cleaning product line to sell in other countries, or starting your first business, we want to remove the roadblocks that have kept you from moving up. Let Creative Crane, LLC help you reach your greatest heights with tools, ideas, and content to set you apart!

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